Legal ApplicationIES Legal Main Functionalities

• Insurance is a business that cannot be litigation free. It is therefore necessary to have an efficient information/document storage and retrieval system that can be accessed quickly, on-line and in real time. Other areas that will make a more efficient and productive company secretary are also part of this module.

The functionalities included are:

    1. Company Documents Storage & Retrieval
      1. Scanned copies of important company documents, certificates, administrative information, etc can be stored and retrieved on demand.
      2. Typed minutes of meetings and memos can be kept for reference purposes.
    2. Shareholders and Directors Details
      1. Details on shareholders can be maintained.
      2. Director information relating to contact, correspondence, etc. can be maintained.
    3. Contract agreements Storage & Retrieval
      1. Details of contracts with vendors, consultants, etc. can be maintained and referenced.
      2. Contract performance can be scored and used for future assessments.
    4. Interface to other parts of the system
      1. The legal system can tap into information from policy and claims administration module for reference purposes.
      2. It can also provide amendment and update link with the policy document maintenance module to ensure legal accuracy.
    5. Court Cases Maintenance & Retrieval
      1. Information on litigation can be maintained and updated per case.
      2. Proceedings and judgment details can be maintained.
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