HR ApplicationHuman Resources Module Main Functionalities

• The Human resources and payroll system addresses all the functionalities required in administering the human aspect of the business.
• Both are integrated and information is shared between them. The payroll module integrates directly with the general ledger.
• The Human resources and Payroll module is designed to be very simple to use and scalable in functionalities.

The module can perform the following functions.

1. Human Resources

1. Quotation forms are maintained against specified rules and rate tables either on global or regional (state) basis, per each class of business.
2. Marketers, underwriters, agencies, and the online quote system can access the quotation functions for quotes.
3. Clients and potential clients can access the online quote system. This is in real-time and online. The information they supply can be processed real time by specified process owners.

2. Payroll

1. Proposals can be uploaded, stored, and referenced on demand.
2. New proposals can be made from copies of existing ones.
3. The status of a proposal is monitored by the system and only accepted ones can be transferred to policies.

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