Company overview

Syssoft is involved in information system design, development and deployment and has the professional edge to ‘I.T.-enable’ your insurance business processes. This we have effectively done so far with the various modules of our integrated insurance application system with modules for Life, General Business, Financials, Marketing, CRM and Human Resource system.

At Syssoft, we not only understand the principles and practice of Information Technology, but we are well acquainted with the application of Information Technology to the work environment in order to achieve real productivity.

At Syssoft, perfection based on customer satisfaction is our watchword. Our implementation and support teams are motivated on the basis of this watchword. This has in most cases enabled us provide professional services to our clients, far beyond their expectation.

At Syssoft, we believe in the concept of comparative advantage. This is why we have technical agreements with other players in the Information Technology arena, both at home and abroad, as well as experts in other Industries to ensure that we give our customers the best possible advice and support.

Our major principle is comparative advantage, this is why we are in collaboration with major stakeholders, both locally and internationally..

Syssoft powers the insurance industry in Nigeria with technology and innovations that drive information system to the zenith of data management and decision making in insurance. We help you make sense of data.


Convey constant passion for our customer
while delivering best service experience.


Drive prompt and honest feedback to the customer
via any of our medium.

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